Website Launch and First Networking Event! 2012 here I come!

Today I introduced my friends and other VAs to my website, via my personal facebook, the Society of Virtual Assistants and the Virtual Assistant Forums.

Amber Cat Admin Business CardsI also went to my first networking event with the Forward Ladies of Leeds, where my business cards from VistaPrint seemed to be a hit! People seemed to like the QR-Code on the back and I, personally, think they look rather smashing; but then, I am very biased!

It was lovely meeting everyone at the “After Christmas Lunch” at Club LS1 – it was a lot less terrifying than I was expecting as I sat on the bus (public transport = save the planet!) on the way there. I was made to feel welcome from the second I arrived, until when I was saying goodbye; and thanks to the well-thought-out method of people swapping tables between courses – I got to meet and chat with most of the amazing ladies there.

I have to add that the meal was lovely too – I have no idea what the vegetarian option was, but it was truly lovely – I wish I’d remembered to ask!

New website, new business cards, delicious food and networking with amazing people – who could ask for a better start to 2012! :)

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