The Office is up and running!

Amber Cat Admin - The Office

Amber Cat Admin – The Office

I just need to share this moment with you as my office is now a reality!

I realise that some clients might worry when their Virtual Assistant is working from their “back bedroom” – however, when the room is purely an office environment, I hope they can rest assured that when I am here, I am working.

I will admit, it is a little bit messier now (more like a “real” workspace), with papers and files and other useful stationery lying around, but this space means that when I am working here, I am “at work” and away from distractions and “housey” stuff.

The stuffed kitty in the corner was a gift from my OH – he gave it to me before we were living together and it lived on my desk at work at Durham University (as I spent most of my time at work!). Then, when I moved to Leeds, it still lived with me at work, as that was where I didn’t get to see him. Now, it’s still on my desk at work.

The poster is from Dr Geof an artist, comic-book writer and friend who is about as obsessed with tea as I am! :)

The phone is a VOIP phone and the laptop has a natural keyboard and my back-up internet dongle.

I love working here!

4 Responses to The Office is up and running!

  • Kathryn says:

    Tracey, this is looking good. Where’s your teapot?

    • Thank you! :)
      As for the tea-pot, it’s been made redundant too.

      I’ve actually got a Tefal Quick Cup in the office (another gift off the OH) – it only uses a third of the energy of an ordinary kettle (though it’s “hot” water, not boiling, so I’m having a few herbal infusions).

      If I want a proper mug of tea, I have an Eco-Kettle in the kitchen so I only boil enough for one mug at a time. :)

  • Yea, but I bet you work in your PJs LOL! (actually I don’t – you look far too organised for all that)
    Best of luck with everything; it’s nice to see your office and to get a visual on things and no house is a home without a cat – either stuffed or real ;)

    • I did start mooching around in my PJs, but found that, because I am trying to keep the heating down to a minimal (to save energy), even with my dressing gown and slippers, I was still very cold! I am trying to get into a routine of get up, do SOME form of exercise (I am watching for a salsa DVD on freegle!) have a quick shower to warm me through and then get dressed – I end up with lots of layers on so that the heating can be kept at around 18C in the office.

      And you’re right, a house isn’t a home without a cat, so we have 4 of them – 5 if you count the soft toy in the office!
      You can meet them on the “recent images” of my Twitter Profile! :D

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