“Tracey is a fantastic asset to have on your team. She’s intelligent, a self starter and and needs very little guidance in terms of how to help your organisation.
If you are a busy person in the West Yorkshire area and need someone to do the administrative/organisational duties (that are important but time consuming) then I cannot recommend Tracey highly enough. I know that she will help your productivity increase.”

Brian ButcherThe Fruit Tree Business Growth Club

“Tracey has been invaluable in editing and critiquing my latest book for me, making valuable and insightful suggestions, and showing where further explantions were needed for the reader. It’s all too easy to assume because you know what you are talking about, your reader does too. She was also instrumental in getting me to cut down the jargon!

I would happily recommend Tracey, she has been very thorough and diligent and has a great sense of humour, making it every easy to work with her.”

Helen StothardHLS Business Solutions

“If you are looking for an organised and capable person to assist you in getting your “house” in order then look no further. Tracey is a lovely person but don’t let the gentle exterior fool you. She will get the job done quietly and efficiently, and make you more productive – all this without creating a little empire of her own. She is also very capable of running your company blog, twitter, Facebook and website maintenance on your behalf.”

Jeremy CobbWant to Change

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