Rates & Terms


Amber Cat Admin charges a basic rate of £25 per hour (VAT is not applicable).

I hope you will agree that this is excellent value, considering:

  • You are paying for the services of an experienced administrative consultant,
  • You are saving yourself time, money and energy, all of which can make your business stronger,
  • You only pay for actual time worked (as detailed below),
  • You do not pay for coffee breaks, holidays or sick leave,
  • There is no NI or PAYE tax to calculate,
  • There is no workspace, equipment or software to provide, and
  • There are no agency fees.

Monthly Contract Packages

If you wish to purchase a monthly contract package discounts are available as below:

  • Buy 5-9 hours and save 10% – pay just £22.50 per hour!
  • Buy 10+ hours and save 20% – pay just £20.00 per hour!

Retainer packages will be invoiced monthly, in advance. I will record the time used and deduct it from your credit. To cancel a retainer package, Amber Cat Admin will require 28 days notice.

Retainer packages are non-refundable, but any unused hours can be carried over for 7-days.

Pay as You Go Packages

If you wish to credit your account with a batch of hours that can be used at any time within 6-months, you may be more suited to our Pay as You Go package:

  • Buy 5-9 hours and save 5% – pay just £23.75 per hour!
  • Buy 10+ hours and save 10% – pay just £22.50 per hour!

Pay as You Go packages will be invoiced in advance. I will record the time used and deduct it from your credit.  You can use this credit at any time and when you are close to your credit limit, you will receive an e-mail to inform you that you may wish to add more credit to your account.

Pay as You Go packages are non-refundable, any unused hours will be lost 6-months after initial purchase.

One-Off Package

One-off packages for companies or individuals will require a 50% deposit based on the estimated timescale with the actual balance invoiced upon completion.

These could include:

  • A specific project which needs extra support?
  • Extra support to cover holidays/maternity/sickness?

Note:  There is a minimum charge of 1 hour.  After the first hour of each project, charges will be applied in 15 minute increments.


Amber Cat Admin reserves the right to amend the terms on this page at any time.

Invoices and Expenses

Amber Cat Admin accepts payment via Bank Transfer or PayPal.

All invoices are in £ Sterling and are to be paid within 14-days. Interest may be charged on overdue invoices.

Amber Cat Admin reserves the right to terminate or suspend any contract (without penalty) if the client fails to settle an invoice by the due date.

Charges will relate to time spent on the agreed assignment as well as liaison with the client by phone, email or face to face.

Costs of printing, stationery, postage, couriers, etc. will be itemised and charged at cost.

Amber Cat Admin is based in a private office in Leeds. If required, I can consider working from other locations by arrangement. However, please note that any time travelling will be charged for at the above per-hour rates, mileage is charged at 45p per mile and parking / other travel expenses will be invoiced at cost.

Amber Cat Admin reserves the right to modify the above rates at any time. These changes will come into effect immediately for any new work; current monthly contract clients will be given 28-days written notice in advance.


Amber Cat Admin will not commence work for any client until a copy of a signed contract has been received confirming an agreement to these terms.

Work requests are to be emailed to info@ambercatadmin.com so that they can be best managed. Work will begin on requests the day after they are received. Amber Cat Admin aim to return regular work for Retainer Clients within 3 working days after receipt.

Amber Cat Admin’s working hours are between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays. Please do not expect e-mail responses, or phone-calls to be answered, outside of these hours. Amber Cat Admin will check e-mails and phone messages at the end of each day and respond within the next working day.

Amber Cat Admin provides a professional and confidential service. If required by the client, a confidentially clause can be considered.

All Amber Cat Admin computer systems are virus, firewall and password protected with regularly updated software.

All incoming files will be checked for viruses. Any documents found to contain a virus will be returned unopened to the client. Any unsolicited email with an attachment will be deleted without being opened.

Amber Cat Admin will retain back-up copies of client files for a period of 6 months only. After that time, they will be deleted.


Final proof reading of all documents is the client’s responsibility. Any errors notified within 7 days of contract completion will be amended free of charge; after 7 days, however, Amber Cat Admin reserves the right to charge a fee for this service. Should any errors be found in the work, Amber Cat Admin would be liable for the cost of amendment only – no further liability is acknowledged.

Whilst Amber Cat Admin takes every precaution to prevent system failure; it cannot be held liable for any loss whatsoever due to technical problems including computer, power, telephone line or broadband failure.

Clients are solely responsible for the appropriate use of any document produced or edited by Amber Cat Admin, including abiding by any copyright laws, plagiarism laws and publishing requirements. Amber Cat Admin is not responsible for the content of any document supplied to them. Amber Cat Admin retains the right to refuse any work which is believed to be illegal, immoral or objectionable.

Amber Cat Admin recommends that any hard-copy information (original documents, CDs, etc.,) should be sent via a traceable method of delivery, either by post office special delivery or courier, and cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred should documents get lost in the post.

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