Q: What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed independent contractor, providing provide professional business support services and administrative expertise, to enable you to concentrate on generating revenue for your business.

VAs are highly skilled with numerous years of experience in administrative roles. Virtual Assistants generally work remotely, often from home, using their own facilities, equipment and software. Virtual Assistants work on a contractual/hourly basis, usually in long-term collaborative relationships with a small number of clients, but are still able to focus on project specific projects on an ad-hoc basis. They utilise various methods of communication including telephone, e-mail, post, courier, VOIP, fax or online facilities, and can offer nearly all of the business support services you would expect from any in-house employee in an office environment.

Q: How does it work?

When I was working at my previous place of employment, I worked for a team of people on the ground floor. In the last year, it was requested that I moved up to the 5th floor of the building, although I would still be working for the team on the ground floor. The concept was odd and, despite hardly ever seeing the members of staff that I was working for, it worked. They could e-mail me work and when I received it, I would call them to discuss the details with them. I would do the work, send it back to them via e-mail and call them to ensure they received it. If it needed printing, it would go into the internal mail to reach them. If there were any further queries, I was only ever a phone-call away. I might have still been in the same building, but I might as well have been working remotely as I never really saw the people I was working directly for! Virtual working is very similar to this, with the added options of Skype communication, recorded mail, courier, etc.,.

Q: Why not just employ a new member of staff or hire a temp?

The recent technological advances mean that it is now possible for many people to work remotely using e-mail, telephone conferencing and the internet. Whilst some companies still like to see ‘bums on seats’, a more flexible attitude to the working environment means that the more enlightened and financially astute businesses are reaping the benefits:

  • I have my own working space, equipment and software; you do not have to provide or purchase them.
  • I will only charge for the actual hours I work on your project(s); you do not have to pay me for coffee breaks, lunch breaks or for sitting around if there is no work to do.
  • I am self employed and responsible for my own financial arrangements; you do not need to worry about excessive agency fees or employee-related overheads such as PAYE tax, National Insurance, holiday pay or sick pay.
  • I have an invested interest in the success of your business and offer continuity; you won’t need to re-train several temps and will have the opportunity to build a long-term working relationship.
  • I am flexible towards my working hours to ensure they meet the needs of your business; you don’t need to worry when 5pm hits, if urgent, I can usually accommodate working outside the 9-5 bracket, however there may be an extra charge for this.

Q. How can Amber Cat Admin help you?

We could look at a monthly support package:

Which core tasks do you want/need to be doing to make your business a success?

  • These tasks are your tasks, they represent what your business is about and help to generate income.

Which tasks are your biggest time wasters?
Which tasks would you like to get rid of?
Which other tasks seem to get in the way of your core tasks?

  • These are the tasks that could most likely be delegated to Amber Cat Admin.

Alternatively, you might be suited to a one-off support package:

  • Do you have a specific project which needs extra admin support?
  • Do you need extra support to cover holidays/maternity/sickness?

Any other questions?

Please Contact Me and I will try to answer them.

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