Everyday Outsourcing

How Often do you Outsource Something Important?

Ask any small business if they’ve considered outsourcing their business admin and they look at you with a panic.  However, when you look at it, people are outsourcing both mundane and important tasks throughout their life without even thinking about it!

What do you outsource?  Is:

  • the care of your teeth is handled by a dentist,
  • your rubbish is taken away by the bin-men and disposed of / recycled by the council
  • your diagnosis of illness and prescription of medication is trusted to a qualified doctor and pharmacist team,
  • if you need them, the emergency services are “on call”,
  • the creation of a vehicle and making available the fuel to power it,
  • the extraction and provision of gas to heat your homes, and the production and transfer of electricity to your home to power your computer / TV / mobile phones are left to your utility company, and don’t forget that you don’t make the cooker, computer, TV or phone yourself, yup, you outsource their production too!
  • some people are even lucky enough to be able to outsource their cleaning and ironing!

These days, most of these tasks are taken for granted, yet in each case, you outsource someone who is more efficient at doing the job to save you time and money and to ensure that you are getting the best job done at the best value.

A Simple Example of Outsourcing

Outsourcing by Ordering Pizza

When you order pizza, you’re outsourcing to a takeaway.  You do this to save you time and money, and the physical effort of actually making a pizza!  You can also be sure that the people who make it are good at what they do and have enough experience, ensuring you are getting the best job done and good value for money.

As with any outsourcing, communication is essential.  When you order, clarifying what you want to order (what type of pizza, any extra toppings, do you want a side of chips, or a bottle of cola?), then asking how long it will be (so you’re not spending the next 45 minutes looking out of the window), and how much it will cost (so you can have this ready so the delivery driver isn’t waiting around) are the simple things that will help avoid disappointment on either side.

Outsourcing your Business Admin to a Virtual Assistant

By outsourcing, you will save your business (and you), time, money and the effort of actually doing the work, and by using a Virtual Assistant, who is professional, highly skilled and very experienced in business support services.  If you look at it that way, doesn’t it make even more sense to outsource your admin to a Virtual Assistant, than it does to just get someone to make you a pizza?

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