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How Often do you Outsource Something Important?

Ask any small business if they’ve considered outsourcing their business admin and they look at you with a panic.  However, when you look at it, people are outsourcing both mundane and important tasks throughout their life without even thinking about it! Continue reading

Why did I decide to become a Virtual Assistant?

Amber Cat Admin LogoIn November 2011, the company I worked for announced they would be making redundancies in the Administrative Team and I was one of the names up for redundancy.  I started to work out my contingency plan so I was prepared for “the worst”, but it turned out to be the kick that started something amazing.  My partner suggested I look into being a “Virtual Assistant”.  I’d never heard of it before, but after a couple of evenings on Google, I had made up my mind that this was where my future was and the initial concept for Amber Cat Admin was created. Continue reading

Being a Green VA – Part 3: Travel

As a Virtual Assistant working from a home-based office, there is no carbon-footprint produced by travelling to / from my place of work, I simply have to go to a different room of the house.  My preference for travel is public transport and if I have to drive, I do like to car-share.  Have a look at how I approach travelling as a Green Virtual Assistant…

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Being a Green VA – Part 2: Insulation & Heating

Continuing on my journey to being a Green Virtual Assistant, and because I work from home, I have had to consider how to “green my home” as part of my mission to green the business premises – I hope you will be able to consider for your business premises, or your home as each step is designed to reduce energy use, save money and, in turn, save the world!

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Being a Green VA – Part 1: In the Office!

It was noted when I was made redundant that I had “a passion for sustainability” and I am proud to say this is true; I see it as a very positive aspect of my life.

At home, I live with my partner, and try to ensure that our home-life is as sustainable as possible. Now, running my own business, I can carry that passion to the full, ensuring that I run my business as sustainably as possible, which, nearly always, tends to be the most financially beneficial too!

In deciding to work as a VA, I can even help other businesses to run a little bit greener too as these environmental savings can be passed on to my clients! I thought I’d share with you some of the things I do to help Amber Cat Admin go green – Maybe some of them will appeal as most of them will also save money in the long run. Continue reading

The Office is up and running!

Amber Cat Admin - The Office

Amber Cat Admin – The Office

I just need to share this moment with you as my office is now a reality!

I realise that some clients might worry when their Virtual Assistant is working from their “back bedroom” – however, when the room is purely an office environment, I hope they can rest assured that when I am here, I am working.

I will admit, it is a little bit messier now (more like a “real” workspace), with papers and files and other useful stationery lying around, but this space means that when I am working here, I am “at work” and away from distractions and “housey” stuff. Continue reading

Website Launch and First Networking Event! 2012 here I come!

Today I introduced my friends and other VAs to my website, via my personal facebook, the Society of Virtual Assistants and the Virtual Assistant Forums.

Amber Cat Admin Business CardsI also went to my first networking event with the Forward Ladies of Leeds, where my business cards from VistaPrint seemed to be a hit! People seemed to like the QR-Code on the back and I, personally, think they look rather smashing; but then, I am very biased!

It was lovely meeting everyone at the “After Christmas Lunch” at Club LS1 – it was a lot less terrifying than I was expecting as I sat on the bus (public transport = save the planet!) on the way there. I was made to feel welcome from the second I arrived, until when I was saying goodbye; and thanks to the well-thought-out method of people swapping tables between courses – I got to meet and chat with most of the amazing ladies there. Continue reading

Progress Update!

Still busy behind the scenes!

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Getting There

I’m currently working on setting up my new VA Business.  I don’t feel like I’ve stopped since I was made redundant

Currently I’ve been busy with: Continue reading

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